Racist Comment about Black People Being Greedy

I can’t stay on the PC that long because my PC has been acting ^ a lot more than usual. It keeps getting critical errors & shutting off without a warning. My fan is getting a lot worse. I don’t want this PC to burn out. I’m gonna make this post short & sweet. When I get a new PC I’ll tweak this post more if it’s needed. Sadly I probably won’t get a new pc for about 1 month or 2. My poor cat is sick & we need the money to take her to the vet to get checked out & dewormed.


NOTE: I wish I had the source because I’d link his comment to here.  I wasn’t thinking about saving it back then. Some racist fool made some dumb comment stereotyping black people. He did said something about black people are greedy & I gave him an eyefull.


Date: Sunday, ‎May ‎17, ‎2015, ‏‎4:42:01 PM

@LDS This doesn’t have to do with race. This has to do with greed. Don’t generalize/stereotype a group of people because they are all not the same. It’s like saying all whites will be at the top or every Puerto Rican living in NY are poor and parade around the Puerto Rican Flag. Are you kidding me? Would you like it if some fool like yourself started marking generalizations on you? NO, because not everybody is the same. There are tons of black people that are successful, smart, and active. Open up your eyes. There are greedy people of all races. We see people of all races do these things. It don’t matter what ethnicity you are. This is a FACT. Your OPINION is pretty much biased and should be taken with a grain of salt. EDUCATE yourself and stop spreading ignorance! See ya, ignorant fool. I’m out for good on this comment section.


The people that likes LDS’s comment are just as bad.


“We don’t care about Weinstein or the NFL…we want answers.”

I was reading a article about Stephen Paddock(the Las Vegas shooter that murdered 58 people & wounded more than 475 people) & some insensitive fool said this “We don’t care about Weinstein or the NFL…we want answers.”

That angered me because the Weinstien scandal is a worthy top story like the Las Vegas Shooting. But, let me confess to you before I go on with this blog. I wasn’t really aware of the NFL thing before yesterday. That was why I didn’t say anything about the NFL in my reply to the insensitive fool, okay? Don’t take it the wrong way.

The date of reply & response: ‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎11, ‎2017, ‏‎12:35:09 AM‎

Well, here is my reply to this fool:

“Speak for yourself, thoughtless insensitive fool. So… basically you don’t care about decades of sexual abuse towards women & stories like the Weinstien scandal aren’t important enough to be top stories? Really? Yep, you don’t deserve women. Women have been dealing with unwanted sexual advances for years & stories like the Weinstien scandal need to be heard. They are very important. We need to stand ^ to misogynistic pigs because they’ve been getting away with it. They need to be put in their place. This story & the Weinstein scandal are important & both need to be top stories. PERIOD.. Good riddance.”


SOURCE:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4968086/Las-Vegas-shooter-used-hotel-s-freight-elevator.html#ixzz4vAf6qJ7u

TIP FOR TODAY: Today is 10/13/2017. Meaning today is Friday the 13th & it’s October. My tip to my readers: Don’t let this so-called “bad luck” day ruin your day for you. Mind over matter. Think positive & forget the superstition that’s linked with this so-called bad luck day.

Lemon Lime Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

Feeling unmotivated to post anything very meaningful today due to personal issues, so here is a my blog post I wanted to post earlier this past warm summer. Maybe you all could use these recipes next summer. Well, enjoy!


Date: 6/12/2017


Well, I’ve decided to share my 2 of my own simple recipes with all of my visitors.  I doubt no one else has these recipes. I did search on Google to make sure no one has these same recipes & it seems like no one has these so far.

There are 2 versions of this recipe. The low-carb one & the regular one.  Wish I had pictures to post, but I’m too poor. I can’t afford to buy a camera now.

It’s close to summer time and pretty soon the temperature is gonna be high. We all know we desire something refreshing & ice cold to cool us down during the summer time.  If you’re in a mood for something zesty & refreshing, then stick around.

I don’t know what else to say, so here we go.


Low-carb Version

1 Ice Cold Can of Lemon Lime Seltzer

1 Peeled Kiwi

1 or 2 Packets of Stevia Extract Sweetener

Optional: Lemon Juice & Lime Juice. Maybe a teaspoon of each. It depends on how much tart you desire.


Blend the ingredients together in a blender & add some ice.   Optional: Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime. Serve.

Servings: 1


The Regular Version:

1 Ice Cold Can of Lemon & Lime Seltzer

1 Peeled Kiwi

2- 4 Teaspoons of Iced Tea mix. Actually, it depends on what the company’s directions. If 2 teaspoons of iced tea mix is the serving, then go for it.

1 Tablespoon of Lime Juice


Blend the ingredients together in a blender & add some ice.   Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime. Then serve. Makes 1 serving.


If you want to make multiple servings then multiply the ingredients. For an example, if you want to make 2 servings, then you’ll need to double the recipe.


I’ll update this if I need to change things.


Note: I thought I had completely lost this post, so I started to retype this post, but I did decided to check the history in my browser. I found it. Safe & sound. This is the last time not saving my post via “copy & paste.” Anyway, here’s what I did post right before I found my article again.

“This is ridiculous. I wanted to post my article on 2 recipes I had concocted & somehow my site didn’t save it. I have to start fresh now which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place because I’m feeling unmotivated to post anything meaningful in today’s post”


Second time trying to post this post:” I don’t know why my site won’t post this post. What the hell? “


Third time: I had to change the date.





Hugh Hefner was a playboy indeed.

#Note: hugh hefner doesn’t deserve caps in his name. He deserves the lower cases because he is low.

Yesterday my partner & I were talking about playboy & hugh hefner. Before that topic, we were talking about me inheriting all my partner’s possession once he passes away. His collection of long-lost playboy magazines collection popped into my mind because that collection was worth big bucks. Not that I would sell them because that would be hypocritical. Now, why did my partner had a collection of playboy? He was a collector & he had collected those magazines way before I came along. I just wanted to clear that ^. There were other things that were said about him, but I will not disclose it now. The conservation had ended & I went back to my daily routine.

Fast forward to about 1 AM earlier. I was trying to sleep & my partner was still talking to his friends on his XBOX. I told him to knock it off because I was trying to sleep, and he had the audacity to tell me hugh hefner died. I couldn’t believe it. We had just talked about him hours earlier. Was it a coincidence? Maybe it was, but there are way too many coincidences in my life. Whatever.  Anyway, I wasn’t happy about my partner telling me hugh hefner had died because it was the wrong time to tell me & it caused me to be wide awake & I had to search online to confirm his death. I couldn’t sleep for about 4-5 hours earlier. I had bad insomnia.

I wasn’t expecting Hugh Hefner to pass away so suddenly. It seemed he was like the energizer bunny because he kept on living & living & living.   I was wondering how long his life would be. I had wondered about that for years, actually.

You know, I couldn’t stand him. I despised him, to be honest. He wasn’t a liberator at all. Oh, wait. Never mind. I do agree. He was, but he was a liberator for playboys like himself. He wasn’t a liberator when it came to women. No, he was not. He was far from it. He was a master brainwasher & manipulator. He glorified the playboy life & shallowness. Have you ever seen overweight women or average looking women in his magazines? Not that I know of. All these women were airbrushed & had tons of makeup on. There wasn’t anything natural about it because not all women look like those models. Another thing, he had always surrounded himself with fit scantily clad women. I’ve noticed there were a lot more blonde playboy bunnies in photos, too. If it me or did he have a thing for blondes?

He preyed upon young vulnerable naive girls. I can’t say that about all the women that posed in playboy because generalizing is a form of ignorance, but look at Holly Madison. Her life was a nightmare at the infamous playboy mansion. She didn’t have a grand time at all.

Granted, these women did choose to pose nude in playboy, but why did they? To get famous? If that’s the case, then that’s rather messed ^, don’t you think? Why should women have to show off their bodies in this dirty magazine to get famous & noticed? They shouldn’t have to.

I feel some of these women weren’t innocent either because I do feel some of them did use the Playboy brand to get famous, too. I mean, why would they sleep with hugh hefner? Really? He was old enough to be their grandfather/great-grandfather. He had money. He had connections. He had power. I feel some of these women saw that & they took advantage.

Now some of these women saw this as liberation, but it’s not. Yes, women shouldn’t have to be ashamed of their bodies at all & they shouldn’t have to be ashamed of their sexuality. I do agree, but there is a right way & a wrong way when it comes to being sexual & when it comes to showing off their bodies. Posing nude for art is fine & making love to their significant other is fine. Obviously posing nude in a dirty magazine like playboy is the wrong way because there were people that bought the magazine just to get off on the centerfolds & to gawk at these naked women. Sure, some people did read the articles, but not all of them did.

Yea, the magazine had articles, but you know what? They didn’t have to use naked women in their magazine at all. It is possible to sell stuff without using sex. Sex sells, but it’s time to stop using sex to make money.

I thought Roosh V was bad, but hugh hefner takes the cake. I wasn’t surprised hugh hefner supported abortion when I found out. After all, you can have all the sex you want as long as abortion is legal because abortion means to terminate a pregnancy. Using abortion to end unwanted healthy pregnancies is wrong & that should be illegal.

What really made me angry was when I found out earlier that women are sex objects according to hugh hefner apparently. Women are not sex objects. Women are living beings just like men. We are not marketing tools. We are humans. Do you really think he was a feminist? He wasn’t.

Here’s one damning quote he said. “Women are sex objects… It’s the attraction between the sexes that makes the world go ‘round. That’s why women wear lipstick and short skirts.” hugh hefner in 2010

This just proves my point & other’s people’s point that he used women’s bodies to make big bucks. He saw us as objects. Now…if you still think he’s for women, then you need to open ^ your eyes.

Now that he’s dead, I came to the realization that damage has been done already. It seems like a  percentage of people in today’s society think sex is like drugs & alcohol. Having sex is not bad. No, but it’s bad when it comes to lust. Sex (lovemaking) has two purposes. 1. To procreate. 2. Sex is special. It’s an act of love between two people. It’s not about lust & it not about how many people you can sleep with it. It’s not about cheating. Sex is immoral when it comes to lust. Plain & simple. Playboy & hugh hefner wasn’t about love. He was about lust. This is what made him a playboy.


Here are other great articles that further explain how hugh hefner was not all that:





OLD Chat Transcript Archive: JohnB: Can I ——- i- i- you quickly even if you are bleeding?

This week has gone by way too fast. Damn. It seems like I posted the last post between 3-4 days ago. Anyway, I was hesitant about posting an old instant message chat log I had with some filthy cheater for a long time because it’s X-Rated. I’ve decided to post it because I have nothing else to post(some posts are still in the works) now except old chat logs. This chat log was the next one in my email account to post, too. It’s also been a while since I’ve posted my old chat transcripts, & it’s due.

Now let me tell you about this guy, & let me explain why I even spoke to this married man back then. My younger self did love trolling cheating scumbags online back then. I was also addicted to chatting online & I was a lot more mischievous. My partner knew about my online activities, & I would send him these transcripts for laughs.

This guy was a married man in his 40s that lived near me back in 2007. I never met him, nor hooked ^ with him because I already was in a relationship & had no intention to meet him in person whatsoever. I think I met him in either “I love Older Men” or “Long Island” on some online service. I don’t remember how long I had known him, but it seems like he was one of the guys that would keep pushing to meet me by the looks of the conservation I posted below.





From: Me
To: My partner
Sent: 6/25/2007 9:27:31 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subject: JohnB: Can I —– it in you quickly even if you are bleeding?
 JohnBS5 [10:02 A.M.]:  hi
ME [10:02 A.M.]:  Yes?
JohnBS5 [10:03 A.M.]:  gm how u been
JohnBS56[10:03 A.M.]:  when e going to hook up?
ME [10:05 A.M.]:  Not now. Not 2day. Not this week because of my female problems
JohnBS5 [10:05 A.M.]:  aw ok
JohnBS5 [10:05 A.M.]:  by friday?
JohnBS5 [10:05 A.M.]:  we can still kiss/lol
JohnBS5 [10:06 A.M.]:  m/43/babylon
JohnBS5 [10:07 A.M.]:  you like to kiss?
ME [10:07 A.M.]:  Yea, I like to kiss, why?
JohnBS5 [10:08 A.M.]:  we can meet and kiss:-*
ME [10:09 A.M.]:  What if we get too turned on? What are you gonna do if that happens?
JohnBS56 [10:09 A.M.]:   u can j—— me
JohnBS56 [10:09 A.M.]:  lol
JohnBS56 [10:09 A.M.]:  ill s—- youre t——
ME: [10:10 A.M.]:  You’re making me :-[ blush right now.  LoL. What else would you want?
JohnBS5 [10:11 A.M.]:  whatever makes us happy
JohnBS5 [10:11 A.M.]:  u free this am?
ME [10:12 A.M.]:  I was going to take a nap. I’ve been up all night again.
JohnBS5 [10:12 A.M.]:  aw why?
ME [10:14 A.M.]:  My sleeping schedule is wacked right now. For some odd unknown reason I get sleepy during the day time and I am wide awake during the night time.
JohnBS5 [10:14 A.M.]:  awwwwww
JohnBS5 [10:14 A.M.]:  you need me to tire you out/lol
ME [10:16 A.M.]:  True. I do need it
JohnBS5 [10:16 A.M.]:  so we will meet this morning?
JohnBS5 [10:17 A.M.]:  i can still r– youre c—?
ME [10:19 A.M.]:  I dunno. Since I have my personal fem prob I need to rest and take it easy.
JohnBS5 [10:19 A.M.]:  ok maybe by thurs/fri?
JohnBS5 [10:20 A.M.]:  maybe i can s—k it in you quick?:-D
ME10:22 AM.]:  OMG…. stop trying to get me more hornier than I am. LoL.
JohnBS5 [10:22 A.M.]:  mmmmmmmmm
JohnBS5 [10:22 A.M.]:  ill fill y–up quick whats alittle blood among friends/lol
JohnBS5 [10:26 A.M.]:  ok feel better talk later
JohnBS5 [10:26 A.M.]:  :-*
JohnBS5 signed off at 10:26 A.M.


I didn’t lie about having my period either. When he said he would have relations with me while bleeding I was so surprised & it was so unbelievable. I had saved the conversation & sent it to my partner. My partner read it, & he was rather disgusted by it. I was, too.



Bmargold: Violence Against Women

I was checking one of my email addresses about 3-4 weeks ago & I came across this little diamond in the rough. I forgotten about this response I had sent to some little boy back in 2014. I don’t remember the source, but I somehow know his email address. No, I am not going to share it because I am all about privacy & I don’t want to break any rules. I did google his email address, but I couldn’t find anything. I think I came across some forsaken comment he had made on YouTube & that made me look & his links on his channel? Or was it Twitter? Anyway, enjoy my response to this little boy.

Date: Mon, Nov 17, 2014 5:19 pm

From: Violette Nyx

To: Bmargold

Subject: “I’d like to really show what I believe the men want to see: violence against women…” Sexist pig much? 

Oh, that’s right. You have the mind of a above average Neanderthal who would love to – with his own daughter. I can’t expect much from you because of how you are. I do believe you should be the subject/object at a scientific university so people like me could observe foul vile disgusting animals like you. I do love science and I’d love to observe your backwards mind. XD It’s too bad you’re like this though. You do have female relatives, ya know? I guess you wouldn’t mind them being sexual objects and property. What a sad life. Women and men are equal and we women shall prevail unlike beasts like you who love objectifying women. You throw us out, right? You throw yourselves out when you throw us out since we are from the same root. Just remember that. Bye and good riddance.”




Poverty or Karma?

1 day after finding out someone had won the 700+ million Powerball jackpot, I was questioning my karma & lack of wealth. I was trying to figure out why my partner & I have such bad luck, too. My faith had critically dwindled down more on top of it. Hence, the post “MY FAITH IN GOD & SPIRITUALITY IS HANGING ON BY ONE WEAK THREAD” I posted on August/25/2017.

About 2 days passed after that post I had gotten drunk very early to drown my sorrows. I was feeling very inspired to type out a post due to my drunkenness & disappointment in my life. I had created a post to share, but I kinda had forgotten about the new post until about a week ago. I would’ve posted it last week, but I had promised to post a very important blog about psychology. I have reread it, & despite me blubbering about poverty & karma I’m posting the post, because the Qs are legit. Whatever.. Well, here it is.

Sunday, ‎August ‎27, ‎2017, ‏‎12:28:49 PM

Is it poverty or is it karma? No, that doesn’t make any sense. Let me rephrase this question. If my poverty the result of my karma? Is it? If that is the case, then what the hell did I do to deserve this? What the hell did my partner do to deserve this? We both live in poverty. Why? What did we do? I can’t remember because…. I don’t know. It’s weird. All I do remember is my life at the beginning of this life was heaven compared to now. I did feel love, happiness, innocence. Almost pure euphoria. Innocence is the key. I had it back then, but once I turned 14 or 15 it went out the window. I was bullied. My partner was, too. I would like to remember what the hell did we do to deserve this? I don’t think we’ll ever find out in these lives. We might find out once we die. No….the universe is doomed then because we don’t know what wronged it! Not in our lives now. If we knew then the universe wouldn’t repeat itself! Christ….we’re doomed to repeat this existence just like Bill Murray’s character in Ground Hog Day!

The Importance of Psychology

Yea, I was buzzed when typing this, but I did make some great points. How come we don’t have psychology in school? I feel it’s very important because we would be able to learn more about other people’s mental status & background. Well, read on. This is what I did type about two weeks ago. One more thing…this is what I did want to post last week, but not winning the lottery caused me to rant in my post last Friday.


Date: ‎Thursday, ‎August ‎17, ‎2017, ‏‎5:28:30 AM


The reason why it’s important is that everyone would be able to understand what the other person is going through. Psychology should be one of the most important subjects from middle school through high school and college. Study periods should be at home & not at school. School is for education, it’s not for dilly-dallying. When I was in school study halls/periods were fun times to me. Nothing productive, but nonsense that kept us entertained. Basically, we were young & naive. We didn’t care. We had pretty much focused on what is hot & what is not, ugly gossip, who is hooking ^ with whom. We were interested in trivial crap. We really didn’t gain any insight whatsoever, unfortunately. We had pretty much just done our own thing rather than educate ourselves. Education is important in the long run. Entertainment is trivial & nothing but a magic trick when it comes to learning. Education is the gift that keeps on giving.

Psychology would give others from different families & backgrounds an understanding what it’s like to be the other person. They would better themselves & help others. There wouldn’t be racism & bigotry. They would understand what it’s like. Walk in each other’s shoes. That is a great tip & lesson. No one knows what the other person’s life is like unless we educate ourselves. Lack of education about each other’s lives leads to nowhere. Ignorance is bliss in some cases, but it’s not bliss when it comes to people’s backgrounds. Learning about other lives is very important. It’s one of the things that makes people stronger. Once people understand & learn about other people, psychology, & other cultures, the world would be in a better place. Kill Ignorance. Give life to knowledge.

My Faith in God & Spirituality is Hanging on by One Weak Thread

I know I said I would post something very important this week, but I am very upset & depressed about not winning the Powerball lottery. This forsaken event was the last straw because I refuse to do my so-called spiritual duty. My faith has dwindled & it’s not getting any better. My faith is almost non-existent now because of the crap I’ve put ^ with in my life & because of what I’ve witnessed in the news.

I am on strike now because I feel God has forsaken me, just like he might’ve had forsaken Jesus during his crucifixion. Either that or there is no God & basically, this forsaken backward universe is in a infinite time-loop. My theory is God is not real & religion could be a scam. Religion could be just a pacifier for people who can’t handle the truth. It seems like there is no divine spirit that is gonna help you & it seems like you’re basically screwed more when you’re @ the bottom of the barrel just like me. It seems like we have to fend for ourselves on this earth. This world does seem like the wild west. I kinda feel once you’re dead, you’re dead until this whole universe repeats itself again. I feel we’re doomed to repeat these lives infinitely. This could be the reason we have Precognitive dreams, intuition, clairvoyance, premonitions & Deja Vu.

I do understand why atheists believe there is no God. I do & it sucks for me. I don’t want to think there is no God. I want to believe there is God, but so much suffering & turmoil is prevalent in my life & in this world. It’s very hard to believe there is a God & it’s hard to believe in the spiritual stuff because of what’s been going on in this world.

Another thing, where is the divine intervention? I mean I understand there was no help the first time around because no one knew what was gonna happen, but our lives are on repeat! Where was the divine intervention when all those poor innocent victims suffered & died @ the hands of their predators? Where was the divine intervention when all those terrorists attacks occurred? Where was the f–k–g help?!  Where was the divine intervention when the bad things happened to me & my partner?! So many questions & so little answers!

Frankly, I’m quite tired of my partner’s spiritual crap, too. I’m tired of him not doing anything productive spiritually. I’m tired of his failed predictions & empty spiritual promises. I’m tired of hoping my partner would reawaken himself again, so he could heal me just like Jesus healed Mary Magdalene. As for as I know my partner is delusional unless he somehow fulfills his damn spiritual task & wakes up again!

I am also tired of not being rewarded for my good deeds. I am also tired of seeing my partner suffer, too. He’s in the same boat as me. He’s been treated like crap by a lot of so-called people throughout his life, except his extended family had robbed him of his inheritance once his father died in October 2014. We are living in poverty & I lost my disability check last June & I haven’t gotten it back yet. We’re living off his check & the mere $350 rent from my cheap roommate. We haven’t been able to afford basic things like new clothes & healthy food. We can’t even afford to do our laundry all the time. We can’t even afford to take our cats to the vet now. We haven’t had a decent Christmas or decent holidays. We can’t afford to celebrate anything about 90 percent of the time & we haven’t celebrated most of the holidays over 10 years now. So, where is our justice? NOWHERE IN SIGHT NOW! It would’ve been sweet justice had we won the lottery. Yes, it would certainly.

We’ve been dragged through the stinking mud for too long. I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of seeing crappy people getting rewarded & I am tired of seeing good people being screwed over. Why do so-called people get rewarded? This shouldn’t happen. What if there is corruption in this world & in the spiritual realm? I don’t know, but if that is the case, then something needs to change. I hope that is not the case. Now I’m starting to feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.

By the way, I’m not gonna do good deeds anymore. No, that DOES NOT mean I’ll be doing bad stuff & it DOES NOT mean I’ll be breaking the law. I’m just not gonna be helpful anymore. I’m not gonna advocate for anything.  I’ve had it. I’m gonna live my crappy life until I die for now.

Matter of fact, I’m tired of living through this whole garbage. If there is really a God, then put me out of my misery instead of leaving me to rot away in my tiny room. Let the Angel of Death take me while I sleeping on my tiny mattress. There is no need to prolong this agony & suffering. That would be a blessing to me. No, I’m not gonna commit suicide.

Two things could revive my faith, & one of them is one big astronomical miracle & the second one is some divine experience, but I’m not gonna count on it. Hope is a very cruel joke.

Nice girls & nice guys finish last? Um…no. Not really. I know so. They don’t finish last all the time. Sometimes they never get to finish because that is how cruel life could be. I’m done with this rant.







Beankid: Deplorable. What a shame.

This post is my response to some spoiled player & about a popular private legacy vanilla World of Warcraft brand/company that used to work with Nostalrius. Let me get this straight so you can see what is going now & why the response was sent. They have 3 realms now & 2 of the realms have about between 800-1200K population. The newest server has over 5000K population. Apparently, the population hasn’t been doing well on the 2 oldest realms. People have been leaving & the population is slowly decreasing.


Some of the players were talking about what to do with the declining population on the original oldest server & this kid pretty much wanted the brand/company to merge the 2 oldest servers, But the problem is one server is a PVP sever & the other is a PVE server The newest server is a PVP server so they should merge both PVP servers together & leave the PVE alone. Nostalrious had 2 servers. One was PVE & the other was PVP & both populations were really healthy. Okay, I’m getting off track. Sorry.


Anyway, Beanlips or beankid pretty much bad mouthed the PVErs & called all the PVEers carebears. He said they don’t deserve special treatment. Are you kidding? They don’t deserve special treatment because they play on PvE servers? Basically, he wanted to get rid of the PVE label from one server & force all those pvers to play on a PVP server. That’s rather stupid & selfish because it would cause more players to leave the server. If I were still playing I would leave, too. I had to create a Reddit account & I downvoted his crude comment. After I had done that I sent him this message. I was happy to see another player confront him.


NOTE: I would give you the link to the comment, but I do not want to endorse, nor mention any running private servers on this site. I should’ve taken a picture of the comment. I wasn’t thinking about doing that because I was rather annoyed. Sorry. I had deleted my browsing history, too, by the way. Well, here’s the email.



Tuesday, ‎August ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎9:37:16 AM – 12:36:46 PM


“Those that flame others for playing on PvE servers are deplorable. Ignorant fools like you don’t deserve special attention whatsoever. Get off your high horse. Playing on a PVE server doesn’t turn one into a weak carebear. I do love PVP, but I don’t care for PVP realms that much. PVE-ers have different reasons why they play on PvE servers.

1. Some of us prefer battleground PVP because it’s a lot more fun and a lot more balanced, unlike WPVP.

2. Some of us have lives & duties, & we don’t want to waste our free time corpse running constantly & getting corpse camped while questing.

3. Some of us just don’t care for a lot more competition & PVP.

The real world is basically a huge PVP realm. We all face inevitable deaths, illnesses, accidents, danger, hazards, etc. But the difference is people like me are more human than you. We are better because we don’t act like you. We are stronger than you because we don’t regress. We evolve.

Don’t even bother replying because this is a throwaway account. I am done with you. Good riddance.”


My next post next Friday is going to be about something more important. I would’ve posted it this week, but I need more time working on it & I’m feeling lazy today. Have a nice weekend!