One of the Many Reasons Why I DO NOT Like My Roommate

I know I said I would post the chat log of Diss apparently going mad in the bisexual 20s chatroom, but something has been bugging the hell out of me A LOT lately & I just need to vent. BIG time!

Well, I cant stand my roommate anymore as some of you may know. I cant stand his nonsense & the things he does. I just blew up at himwellthats another story, but me blowing up at him motivated me into posting this blog post.

Okay, before I blog more lets give my roommate a name. Lets name my roommate Jay. I will also give my companion a name, too. His name will be Tom.

There is this one thing & it reallyREALLYfrustrates me. JAY DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS ACTIONS. Hes always denying having any involvement in his wrongdoing. There have been a couple of times the bathroom would get flooded & he is always saying he never puts toilet paper in the toilet when in fact he does. Tom & I never EVER flooded our bathroom. NOTE: We cant flush toilet paper down the toilet because the cesspool sucks. What really had angered me is how he left Tom to mop of the bathroom. Like, are you for real?! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, about last month I had decided to downgrade my cable service because the bill was too high. I also had checked my bill online & noticed 2 movies that were ordered, which Tom & I did not order. Jay had ordered those 2 movies without permission from Tom & I. He had spent close to 25 bucks. One movie was about over maybe 5 or 6 bucks & I knew which movie he had ordered. The second movie was almost 15 bucks & the name of the movie was not available. I did not know what it was & it baffled me. This is not the worse part, mind you. Youll find out in this chat log I had with my cable provider. NOTE: I did not change the name to Angel. That name is actually the customer service agents name. My name & my personal information has been either changed or deleted, too. ‎


DATE: Tuesday, ‎May ‎23, ‎2017, ‏‎5:11:57 PM

New party (‘Angel’) has joined the session

Angel: Hi, my name is Angel and I will be assisting you today.

Mary: Hello

Angel: Good afternoon, Mary! I will be more than happy to assist you with your request. While I verify your account. Could you please confirm your full name, phone number and service address including the ZIP Code, exactly as it’s shown on your account information?

Mary: Sure.

Mary: My name is Mary and my phone number is —————. The address is ———-and Zip code is ———-. I think I got it.

Angel: Thank you so much! could you please confirm if you would like to cancel just the TV service or the whole account?

Mary: I would like to cancel the

Mary: TV service

Mary: Not my whole account

Angel: I do understand. In this case, for us be able to cancel or remove any of your services, you would need to call to our cancellation department, since we are not able to cancel the services through the chat.

Angel: The cancellation department is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and you can call them at ——————.

Mary: Oh, well I tried to call, but my phone died.

Mary: I guess I’ll try again later. Hopefully my phone will be charged by then.

Mary: I have one more question, if that’s okay with you.

Angel: I do understand. You can then contact us, for us be able to assist you with your request. Please, make sure to call us at the number I have provided you.

Angel: Yes, of course.

Mary: What does On Demand mean on my bill? There’s a 14.95 next to “the “On Demand” and my guy and I have no clue what was ordered.

Angel: The On Demand. Are movies that you can order through your TV. You can order them through your TV with your remote. These video on demand were order on 04/17 and on 05/11.

Mary: The 5/11 one doesn’t tell me what title of the movie was ordered.

Mary: It only says “On Demand.”

Angel: The first on on 04/17 was for a Movie and the second on on 05/11 was for an adult movie. We do not place the name on the bill, since your children or any other person can have access to the bill.

Mary: Ooooohhh. I got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I have this roommate & obviously he was the one that ordered it. Thanks again.

Angel: You’re welcome! May I know if there is any further question that we can address?

Mary: Nope. I am fine.

Angel: Thank you very much for contacting ————— chat support, keep in mind that you can see detailed information from your account within our Mobile App or from —————– You can download our mobile app from: ———————- Have a nice day!

Party (‘Angel‘) has left the session.

Party (‘Mary’) has left the session.


SO….unfortunately I had to wait to confront my forsaken roommate because he was out. Had to wait for 2 hours. I was pretty much really annoyed at Jay. I also told Tom that the second movie was an adult movie. Tom was not too happy about it either. I couldn’t wait for the confrontation & I couldnt wait for Tom to scold Jay because I enjoy Jay being scolded by Tom. I normally wouldnt enjoy watching people getting scolded, but Jay was & is pretty much on my bad side now.

 Jay came home.  All 3 of us were in the kitchen. I was making dinner for myself. Tom was hanging out with me. Tom & I asked Jay about the adult movie. GUESS WHAT? Jay denied ordering the movie. Whenever Jay denies something he is always saying how he didnt know how whatever got there. He plays super dumb & it REALLY makes me want to throw something at him. Nothing hard. Anything soft to throw.

He tried to point the finger at Tom & I, but that was a fail. Tom & I dont order adult movies on demand, let alone rent anything on demand. We had made it clear to Jay that we werent the culprits, but Jay still denied ordering the adult movie. It frustrated me, but what frustrated me more is when Jay offered to pay us back for the movies. Hmmmmmmm. If he didnt order those movies, then why would he offer to pay for them, huh?! BECAUSE HE DID RENT THOSE MOVIES! If I didnt order anything I would not offer to pay for it at all. I know other people would do the same thing as me.

Just today Tom & I brought this up & instead of Jay coming clean he is still is denying ordering those movies! Its been over a month! This is one of the big reasons why I do not like my roommate. One of these days I am gonna snap & I will completely lose my mind because of him. Its either him or me that is going to leave the house. I refuse to go check myself into the mental hospital. I want Jay out ASAP! No more nonsense & his denial!

P.S. I know its not angelic like to not like anyone, but guess what? Im not awakened. I am disabled now. Im living the abnormal life in a VERY BAD WAY. When one becomes awakened they will change drastically mentally.


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