This is the chatlog of Diss going mad. He had started to babble in the chatroom right after I had entered my AGE/SEX/LOCATION. I became quiet & he was babbling about nonsense. I was pretty much unimpressed with him. I think he had left after babbling.

This is the last transcript I have of Diss. Unfortunately my other transcripts from different conversations with other people got deleted & most of them were lost when about 2-3 of my PCs died. I wish I could go back in time so I could retrieve all the stuff & transcripts I’ve lost in this lifetime.

NOTE: SCREEN NAMES & AGES HAVE BEEN CHANGED. I am “ME.” Just wanted to point that out.

DATE: Mon, Jun 25, 2007 8:14 am

Pstmn037: how is everyone?
Dissl5: will angles hear the news today seems my life is going to chanes  i close my eyes  beagain to prey when tears of joy stream down my face with arms wild open under the sun light welcome to this place i ll show you every thing  with a
any young dudes want  to cam 2 cam
TROMA98: couple looking to cyber with bi/f
Radiogso: older bi male for m or f
Mjbeustis: im sooooooooo freakin horny right now
Mjbeustis: did you guys see my webcam? its in my pr0file ;D
Mjbeustis: 23/F/Cali – hornyyyyy ~_^ pics in pr0file ❤
Tmoss1612: 19/f here ladies im me to chat
Mjbeustis: anyone down to cam with me? just check my pr0file =P
Dissl5: with arms wild open will i do,nt know if  im realy to be the man that i have to be i ll take a breath i ll take her by my side will stand in all we cread life with arms wild poen
Dissl5: open
hey room
Mjbeustis: finally.. im done with my pr0file. go look now!
LwllShr: any girls wanna talk
GasnGo420: any young dudes want  to cam 2 cam
JasonCollins456: 26 m sc any females for chating???
Mjbeustis: hello my name is amber..23-F. anyone wanna trade pics?
Chipmonk1225:   Diss have you gone Mad??
Hollylittle40: 🙂
LeoFireStar: any good looking girls in here?
Mjbeustis: so ya i goto UCLA. who wants to see me and all my sorority girls?
Sglf7: o.k.
Buster0808: horny bi m looking for fun
Mjbeustis: 23/f/cali – check my pr0file for recent pics ;D
Dissl5: under the sun light welcome to this place i ll show you every thing with arms wild open now every thing thing has chance i ll show you love
heyy check out my myspace. link in my profile! ❤
Mjbeustis: did you guys want my picz? theyre in my pr0file ;]
Thresherman5: top male here
MandyFlaNudist: 21 now… pix on my profile… I have one 😎 and I have more to trade..
Mjbeustis: i made a new profile! check it out =]
Dissl5: i ll show you every thing  with arms wild open  o hey
horny bi m looking for fun this morning
ME: Someone has gone off the deep end
ME: again mind you



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