Special(Education) Needs & Disabled = Bad Grammar

“Special needs people have really bad grammar skills.”


I really wish I had saved the original hurtful comment about bad grammar & special needs from back then. I am sorry. Some fool had pretty much said people with special needs have bad English skills. I thought that was pretty rude & I told him off in this comment. It did affect me personally because I do know people that were in Special Education & I am disabled.  My grammar is not ^ to par. As long as you understand people like me then proper grammar is trivial. The message is important. Not the grammar.


Date: July 2016. Possibly the 10th since it was last modified & this text was the last on document.


Excuse me, sir! How dare you use “special education” as an insult. What does being in Special ED has to do with English skills? NOTHING. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Even people who were not in Special ED can have bad grammar & English. Like me. Not every disabled/special needs’ person is the same, just like not every person without a disability is the same. Just because other people say it doesn’t make it right.

Your comment is not only offensive but totally downright dumb & very ignorant. We are all unique in our own ways. We all have our strengths & weaknesses. One of your weaknesses is obviously the lack of cognizance about special needs/disabled people.

How would you feel if you were in special ed/disabled and people kept on using it as a put-down? Huh? Would you just sit there & do nothing to help the situation? Wouldn’t you stand up to the jerks & set them straight? It’s because people like you who are using the term “special education” & “retard” and “autistic” as an insult to others that people are still stereotyping groups of people. Inconsiderate ignorant people like you are the reason so many aren’t proud to be who they are. It’s not OK to do that. The amount of sheer blatant insensitivity in your comment is alarmingly crude. You are beyond disgraceful. You’re close to the bottom of our world with all the trolls, the sexist idiots, bullies, ignorant fools etc…

My sister was a special education student when she went to school & she does not have poor grammar skills. She is highly intelligent. Are you happy to offend people & special needs/disabled people who have to work a lot harder than you do to prove other people they are equal? Are you really happy to make a mockery of people with disabilities/special needs?

Don’t you dare come on here & post stereotypical misguided BS about this topic on here! Break the cycle & step up your game. Don’t be an idiot that spread ignorance about disabled & special needs to others.

I hope one day soon your empathy & compassion will grow fast & shine right through because society needs it. End of discussion because I won’t bother with more nonsense in this comment section. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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