Dear DR. Mark Keown

Almost 3 years ago I came across this professor from some university online. I don’t remember where, so I can’t give you the link to what I’ve had read online. I’m sorry. I wish I had saved it, but I wasn’t thinking about saving these sources.


Anyway, I gave truth to him in an email I had sent.  I gave him a few answers on what is what in the bible to demonstrate the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to the bible. I told him the bible is like a puzzle & he shouldn’t take the bible literally.  I found this sent email in one of my email accounts earlier today when I was checking ^ on my email accounts.


He must have had said something really bad because it did motivate me to contact him.  I do have a clue to what he said from reading my old email I had sent him a couple of years ago. I think he was the one that said Jesus would never have sexual relations with Mary Magdalene because he was pure.  Something along those lines. Well, here’s the email I had sent him.


From: Violette
To: DR. Mark Keown

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 12:16 pm
Subject: Parts of the Bible is a Puzzle.

Don’t take the bible literally. Use your brain and think outside the box. Open your mind up more. Revelations is like a big puzzle and you need to unscramble the meanings. The whore of Babylon on many waters? That’s the statue of liberty! 666 means cloning. The number of beast. A beast is a being without a soul. If you clone people they will not have what we have inside. They would be beasts. Abominations. That is why cloning is taboo. Horseless chariots are cars. Jesus coming in a cloud? The cloud is more likely the net. Do the research.


Speaking of Jesus, do you really expect Jesus had no companion? Are you kidding me? Jesus was a normal man when it came to relationships. Where there is a man there is a woman. Jesus wasn’t celibate. Parts of the bible was heavily edited by corrupted sexist slave owners to make it look like being with a woman was a disgrace for Jesus. It is not a disgrace. It’s a beautiful thing. Being in love with his soul mate is a beautiful thing. They slandered Mary Magdalene and women saying women are not equal when in fact we really are equal to your gender. Jesus did have a companion.


How do I know this? My long time partner had a real born again in 1989 and he received information and truth. He is able to read the bible right. Now I leave you with this. Only the ignorant closed minded people will not be saved and will fail judgement when the time comes.”


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