First: Wolves & Misguided People = Motivation

I’ve posted this on my hidden WordPress site earlier this year, but I had decided to stay on this site because I’ve had done so much work on this site & pretty much established myself. I didn’t repost this blog because I was busy with my life & had forgotten about this post. This was an introduction post, too. Well, enjoy!

Original Date Posted 3/09/2017

“Hello! This is the first post on this site. I’m not much of a talker, nor a blogger now. Perhaps I will be in the future once I get settled in on this site & once I am more organized. This is a short & sweet post because I don’t have much to type about now.

What is motivating me to post this is because I’ve seen so many wolves in sheep’s clothing spreading misinformation & lies. Some sharers of ‘truths’ are simply misguided, unfortunately, too, because they haven’t gotten the true born-again that Jesus had talked about in religious texts. Enough with the deceiving! It’s time to move forward instead of running around in a circle.

My spiritual partner had one years ago and he did become fully enlightened. He had to suppress it because he wasn’t ready & his born again happened at the worst time & place. I wasn’t in his life either because I was just an innocent little girl. He still has the knowledge, but he is not able to do some actions when he was completely awakened. I’m being vague now because it is too soon to share that and also this is my first impression. I want you to get to know me first.


Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy it & became more enlightened by the truth!”


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