About Violette Nyx

“I’m an incarnated angel. I would like to share the truth and share my life. As time goes by I will add more information about me, my life and truth about creation. I made this account to let people know I am here along with my lazy companion. I am going to wake up from this fake world one of these days…or maybe years. And when I become awakened I will fulfill my task/mission. I am going to record my journey & bad hurdles. I’ll write about myself and my journey more. I am going to talk to myself spiritually by using the same method my companion had used a couple of decades ago to achieve the awakening. If you want to know about me more I will post more blogs about my journey and about me. Thanks for reading this. Blessed be!”

Okay, my original about me description sounds half assed. I apologize, readers & curious folk! Do you want to know more about me? Fine. Here’s my SOB story. I was born when frizzy big hair was in. I’m not revealing my true age now because of personal reasons. Clue:  I’m still a young adult.

My family history is hard to explain, but…let me talk about after my birth. I am the last of my mother’s children because she had 3 more children with my father before I was born. My mother had a tubal ligation immediately after I was born. No wonder why my mom didn’t have any more kids. I had always wondered why my parents didn’t have any more kids with each other. I didn’t find out about the tubal ligation until my birthday in 2014. As for my father, he had a couple of more kids with other women while being with my mother. He was extra busy before & during his relationship with my mom. He did have one more kid(my younger half-sister), but that was after both of my parent’s relationship.

Oh, I’m from Long Island. You know…the big feather shaped island? Yea, but I don’t have a strong New York accent. Well, my Long Island accent is a different story. Anyway, I am half Hispanic & half–well, other stuff. I’m a mutt & I’m not ashamed of it.

Everything was fine in my life despite my parents fighting a lot until 1995 when my parents separated. My life went downhill after that & it’s still going downhill, but ever so slowly! I did experience “hiccups”, & some of these experiences will be shared when the time is right, & when I feel comfortable.

I’ve lived my life as a 20th & 21st-century child/teenager. I’ve really never gained my full potential in life. I really doubt myself A LOT because I’ve never really accomplished most of my goals so far. I‘m disabled. I suffer from anxiety, severe social anxiety(I have no friends), depression, addiction to sleeping pills, moodiness, and severe chronic depersonalization& derealization. I‘ve been in the dreaded dream fog for over a decade now & it’s a miracle I’m still alive considering how horrible DP/DR is. No, I would never commit suicide. Wanted to clear that up.

I’m a very private person now & I am not going to share my personal information online. I want to remain anonymous for now because my life is not where I want it now & I have to become awakened to remember everything about creation and about who I am spiritually first. Hopefully soon! I’m hoping once I have my awakening, I would be able to overcome my ailments.

Tom(my partner in this mission) has his own problems & I’ve tried to get him to reawaken himself, but I am having no luck. I am still trying to get him to reawaken himself again, but it feels like a lost cause.  I might have to fulfill our mission in this life without him. I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. Wish me luck!






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